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Five fundamentals for maxing out video

The rapid explosion of social media tools means that even the most widely used tools are commonly misunderstood. Take YouTube, for example. I was digging around the other day and found a series of videos posted by a public sector organisation I was researching. Great to see them using YouTube, I thought, but quite a few of the videos had no titles or descriptions which makes them pretty impossible to find unless you know they’re there. SEO is obviously not a feature in their current thinking but more fundamentally most of the videos didn’t have a link back to the originator’s website either. A classic example of useful content going to waste.

This serves as a reminder of the gap between adoption and effective implementation when it comes to corporates maximising content on the social web. Today’s post from Neville Hobson highlights the opportunity inherent in video which looks set to grow and grow. But there’s a learning curve. Too many organisations feel they must be seen to use the social web but due to a lack of understanding they fall short of using it effectively. For those on the learning curve, here are five simple pointers when using YouTube (and any other video networks for that matter):

• don’t worry too much about delivering a slick video – this is what I call ’skinny video production’
• make sure the subject matter is engaging – it doesn’t have to be entertaining (some content is meant to be instructive, not funny) but it must be useful and delivered clearly
• give your video a good title and don’t forget to include your keywords
• include a link to your website
• tag it

The recent viral video campaign from Old Spice took consumer engagement to new levels by asking fans to pose questions to The Old Spice Guy via Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. OSG then answered selected questions via personalised videos. Result: squillions of video views, a big buzz and (over time) no doubt, a reinvigorated community of loyal OSG buyers. Simple but clever.

Who else makes a good fist of social video?

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